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Remote Due Diligence Underwriter

Atlanta, GA
Seeking experienced Forensic Due Diligence Underwriters.  Apply now for immediate consideration!

Job Functions:
  1. Special emphasis on fraud review and early payment defaults.​
  2. Review loan application packages for completeness and accuracy.​
  3. Confirm application information (1003) against other documents within the file: to validate employment, verifications, income, assets, etc.​  Identify underwriting/​data discrepancies and other diligence issues.​
  4. Verify and validate income, assets and liability documentation to support underwriting decision.​  Calculate and verify income structure (employment verification, tax returns, divorce decree, alimony, etc), verify funds to close (verification of deposits, gift funds, IRA, 401K, sale of assets, etc).​
  5. Review loans for compliance related items, i.​e.​ TILA, ROR, and miscellaneous disclosures.​ 
  6. Review and verify credit report (FICO pay history, debt validation).​
  7. Review other real estate owned (i.​e.​, disposition of property, rental income).​
  8. Review appraisals to support value, determine flipping, comps are reasonable, etc.​
  9. Familiar with fraud red flags and outside services used to determine or verify fraud.​
  1. At least three (recent) years of underwriting experience with strong emphasis on fraud investigation and forensic reviews.​ 
  2. Interpretation and application of lending documentation, credit reports and income/​assets calculations.​
  3. Knowledge of the principles and regulations applicable to mortgage lending.​
  4. Understand tools and terminology relative to the appraisal process sufficient to perform collateral reviews.​
  5. Knowledge of scratch & dent, non-performing, and/​or sub-prime loans is required 
  6. Possess ability to perform standard credit and income analysis.​
  7. Strong written and verbal skills.​
  8. Alt+​A, Subprime, B/​C Paper, and HELOC experience required
  9. College degree/​training in finance/​mortgage banking helpful.​
  10. Available for work immediately, and ability to maintain a flexible schedule.​
  11. Excellent PC skills and possess a high level of proficiency in Microsoft Office applications to include Excel, and Word
  12. Demonstrate ability to work well with customers and clients
  13. Demonstrate professional behavior and teamwork, punctual, dependable and adheres to company policies and procedures
Thank you,
Meg Reilly
VP of Recruiting
EMAIL: meg@nationalmortgagestaffing.com
TOLL FREE: (800) 603-1651
FAX: (480) 287-9066
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