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Remote Wholesale Account Executive

Denver, CO
Seeking experienced Wholesale Account Executives.  Apply now for immediate consideration!

Wholesale Account Executives will b
ring new broker relationships to company.
Develop existing broker relationships and increase closed loan production via quality sales calls.

Essential Functions:
* Gain approval for 40-60 quality broker relationships;
* Conduct quality sales calls with prospective clients including information gathering, product matching and policy education;
* Conduct quality sales calls with existing clients including information gathering, product matching and policy education;
* Generate registrations which result in closed volume that represents pull-through of 75% or higher;
* Consistantly fund a minimum of 8mm in closed loan production on a monthly basis;
* Work with management and staff to develop professional, respectful relationships between mortgage brokers and internal staff;
* Actively maintain personal pipeline;
* Work with management to actively project closed loan volume and consistantly meet funding goals.

Knowledge and Skill Requirements:
* Knowledge of the wholesale lending process;
* Knowledge of the selected marketplace and quality mortgage brokers in the marketplace;
* Knowledge of loan programs, standard underwriting guidelines, processing and qc requirements;
* Abiltiy to effectively communicate and present mortgage products, company policies and company procedures;
* Abiltiy to overcome sales objections;
* Ability to question and listen to the client to determine needs and fulfill them

Training and Experience:
* Prior Mortgage Sales experience required;
* Minimum 3 years of mortgage industry experience.
Thank you,
Meg Reilly
VP of Recruiting
EMAIL: meg@nationalmortgagestaffing.com
TOLL FREE: (800) 603-1651
FAX: (480) 287-9066
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